Antistatic Surgeon Slippers

Antistatic surgeon slippers have an odor-free and always sterile structure. The material from which the slippers are produced is 100% copolymer rubber. This allows the products to be used for a long time without showing any signs of wear. You can easily use these products which are used as surgery room slippers. Slippers that can take shape according to your posture position are specially designed for your comfort.

Main Details of Antistatic Surgeon Slippers

Operating room slippers have different color and size options and are in a different design. Let’s get to know these slippers more closely, which can be comfortable and comfortable in many ways.

Technical Specifications of Antistatic Surgeon Slippers

Antistatic surgeon slippers are a product that is produced in different colors and sizes and significantly protects your foot health. All models of slippers are also very resistant to many external effects. Each of the products has a feature that prevents the leakage of spilled liquids. At the same time, substances such as acid and oil can’t damage the slippers.

Antistatic surgeon room slippers have a structure that prevents sweating and at the same time prevents bacterial growth. Each of the products is ideal for comfortable and comfortable use and is suitable for the anatomy of your foot. Thus, you will not feel any discomfort even if you stand for long hours.

Antistatic Surgeon Slippers Designs

If you wish, you can print the institution name or name on the slippers. It is possible to print the desired text in relief on the edges of the slippers. Moreover, slippers are available in all sizes between 35 and 46 sizes. You can use slippers that are suitable for all kinds of foot structures.

Antistatic surgeon slippers have models in green, blue, red, orange, black, dark blue, and pink. You can also order your slippers by choosing the color you want. There are shelf numbers on the back of the slippers that are suitable for use in the operating room.


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