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Doctor Uniform

Many people only imagine the typical white coat under the doctor’s uniform. However, as a doctor, you also need other items of clothing to carry out your job comfortably and safely. The outer clothing under the smock can be chosen at will and usually consists of a shirt or a shirt. The trousers are white like the smock and can be worn with an elastic waistband. In the area of ​​shoes, we recommend non-slip clogs, which also ensure comfortable walking. The work clothes “care for the elderly” are made up similarly.

In private doctor’s offices, as the responsible owner, you can dress however you want. As a doctor, it is your responsibility to decide how you would like to approach the patient. This is different in a clinic. There are certain regulations for clothing that must be complied with. Doctors there, for example, always wear white coats and white trousers. Other professional groups are usually differentiated by color, such as in surgery or outpatient departments. There, the colors of the doctor’s clothing can be green or blue. Likewise, for example, the “geriatric care” work clothes can be determined as well as those of the nurses or other hospital staff. There are also regulations for “geriatric care” work clothing.

In the meantime, doctors can often be recognized by their typical doctor’s uniform, which thus serves as a job-specific uniform. This also applies to “geriatric care” workwear. Before that, doctors wore long black frocks to give authority. The problem with this doctor’s uniform, however, was that it could not be hot-washed without staining. It was only at the end of the 19th century that it was discovered that pathogens can be killed by high heat. So white clothing prevailed, which could be washed at very high temperatures without any problems.

Today, doctors can easily wash their work clothes at high temperatures to kill all germs. However, the white doctor’s uniform also has a cultural background. This color stands for purity and reliability, with which the medical profession is associated. The white coat and white trousers are still used today as professional clothing for doctors.


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