Nurse Uniform

The nurse uniform usually consists of hygienic clothing. But practical accessories are also an indispensable part of any work clothing equipment. Nurse tunics, shirts, pants, and suitable shoes offer protection against bacteria and ensure your professional appearance. Depending on the working environment, other color nuances, lengths, and cuts are recommended.

Tunics and shirts

Tunics and other matching tops are indispensable in “nurse” workwear. Depending on the temperature at your workplace and your preferences, shirts with long or short sleeves or a three-quarter-sleeve version are suitable. This also applies to tunics that have either a zip or button placket; slip-on jackets are also available. They have practical pockets in which you can store pads, pens, or instruments. In a casual working environment, you can also choose figure-hugging shirts or tops with fashionable details.

Easy care pants

Nurse clothing is easy to clean, has practical pockets, and offers enough freedom of movement. Depending on the workplace, other cuts are common, but the nurses can choose pants with different waist heights to match the respective figure.

Warm vests

In cool rooms, for example, medical staff wear vests, which are often equipped with extras such as lining, practical two-way zippers, or a detachable hood. Cardigans or fleece and sweat jackets offer an alternative. For a more formal appearance, choose a blazer.

In medical professions, you stand and walk often and need the right work clothing for this. Nurse shoes are available in numerous variants – there are clogs, mules, slippers, and lace-up shoes. Sabo slippers are made of leather or heat and water-resistant synthetic materials, which are suitable for all working environments. Breathable and antibacterial materials and footbeds ensure a high level of comfort.

Comfortable maternity wear

When you are pregnant, you need suitable work clothing. Nurse clothing for other circumstances offers plenty of freedom of movement and can be regulated with ties. The pants are stretchy and offer plenty of space for a baby bump.


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