Doctor and Nurse Slippers

Do you have high demands on your sabo slippers and nursing sabo slippers? Then high-quality workmanship should be a matter of course for you when buying these sabo slippers. Nursing sabo slippers should above all be functional, but you or your employees will certainly appreciate it when the work clothing meets current fashion requirements.

Important functionality

Sabo slippers have to be able to withstand high loads during a long working day. For the upper material, for example, the leather that we are using has proven itself, which is breathable and water-repellent and at the same time offers high durability. Breathable material is important so that your high hygienic standards can be met. Nursing sabo slippers can also be equipped with footbeds with an LBS system, which is an extra soft combination of foam and calfskin. These ergonomic footbeds ensure that you and your employees can always walk without getting tired. In the case of functional sabo slippers in the form of clogs, sneakers, and other shoes, shock-absorbing outsoles can also be useful, which protects the health of the wearer. If you want to provide your employees with additional comfort can be equipped with insoles that have gel cushioning.

High adaptability

For the sabo slippers to fit your employees perfectly, you should pay attention to features such as reversible straps. This allows the size of the sabo slippers to be optimally adapted to the respective foot, making it even more comfortable to wear.

Fashionable design

You shouldn’t underestimate how important design can be for a functional sabo slippers. It is all the more important that you feel comfortable with your sabo slippers. A fashionable sabo slipper, in conjunction with the rest of the work clothing, can therefore help to increase work motivation. In the case of sabo slippers, as with other clothing, the color white, in particular, is used, which conveys competence and professionalism. Sabo slippers in friendly colors, with patterns or colored applications, are also very popular, as they loosen up the appearance and exude a good mood.


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